Client Testimonials

London professional, Moving to San Francisco (United Kingdom)

“Melissa assisted me with getting a spousal visa and did a fantastic job. She was very thorough reviewing my documents and gave great advice. She also suggested a few extra documents to bring to the interview at the embassy which were not included on their Required Documents list, which were in fact asked for! Would not have the visa without her assistance.

Highly recommended.” July 17, 2017

Military Spouse, US Army (Germany)

“Ms. Chavin greatly helped me get through a tough situation regarding my immigration status. She made everything simple and explained the necessary steps I had to take in order to obtain my visa. She assisted in every step and answered every question I had, no matter how small. She was amazing and I recommend her for whatever immigration needs people might have.” October 10, 2015

Owner, Web Design Company (Texas)

“I was getting married and needed help with my semi-complex Canada – US immigration process. Melissa was exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and friendly throughout the entire process. She prepared a veritably bullet-proof claim for my wife and I which resulted in what was likely one of the smoothest final interviews in the history of US immigration. We were very pleased. I truly doubt we could have had this happen without Melissa’s detailed preparation of our application. I highly recommend her firm’s services for anyone seeking peace of mind during their immigration. Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity” February 22, 2011.

Tech Business CEO (New Jersey)

“Great service at reasonable cost: [That says] it all. I strongly recommend [Melissa Chavin] to any business that has immigration issues. She did two assignments: in one my company needed to find a way to legally bring a person to work for us, and the second was to get a visa for a person already in the country. Both times we were successful.” Spring, 2009.

Employee of Fortune 500 High Tech Company (California)

“Melissa is very professional, deeply knowledgeable in expertise, and very empathetic. Her service is excellent at an affordable and reasonable price. Personable, expert, good value.” May 8, 2009.

Private Equity Fund Manager (Illinois)

“Great immigration advice. Recommend Melissa! Knowledgeable and trustworthy, she will make time to listen to you and will come up with great solutions tailored to your particular situation. Would definitely use her again. [She] kept me informed.” Fall, 2008.

Researcher, Pharmaceutical Fortune 500 Company (Illinois)

“Melissa is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful attorney, and most importantly, a great communicator…which is very important for an attorney. I have consulted her regarding a difficult immigration issue and she very clearly outlined possible solutions, which was very helpful. Her Russian is impeccable, which really helps, as slight subtleties in translation can change the background in an immigration case. She has an extremely pleasant and friendly personality…I have never met a lawyer so friendly and helpful before – I would highly recommend Melissa if you have an immigration question or a problem.” July 22, 2008.


Business Brokerage

Melissa Chavin, Business & Investment Immigration Attorney, is recommended by the professional business brokers at Sunbelt Investment Brokers, specializing in the sale of privately held businesses of all sizes.

Real Estate Brokerage

She is also recommended by Norman Fineman at United Realty Group who works with UK residents to buy and finance homes and businesses in South Florida.