U.S. Visitor Visas

Visitors to the U.S. for short periods from the United Kingdom can often travel visa-free. If they have a reason to travel for visits longer than three months or for more than six months in a given year, they should obtain a visitor visa. Chavin Immigration can assist with advice on whether a visitor visa is needed. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I need a visa to visit the US?

If you are visiting the US for longer than three months, or for more than six months in a year, you should obtain a visitor visa a.k.a., a B1/B2 visa or simply B visa.  Common reasons to travel on a B visa are:

  • Medical tourism
  • Tourism of longer than three months, e.g., motorcycle tours
  • Working as crew on a yacht/superyacht docked in US waters
  • Working in the US for a UK employer who needs you to visit to gather data only obtainable in the US for over three months at a time
  • Having even a minor criminal record, drink driving or controlled substance offence, which makes visa-free travel impossible

Consultation with an immigration lawyer is strongly recommended to

  1. strategize as to whether a visitor visa is the right path; and
  2. review one’s online visa application (Form DS-160) to make sure that it reflects the strategy.

Warning: A refusal at the US Embassy in London or Consul General in Belfast will result in an inability to use the visa-free travel program for the rest of your life, under current laws and regulations.

Contact Melissa Chavin – US Visa Lawyer

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