The Vocabulary

  • Loss of citizenship is also known as expatriation. 
  • To relinquish US citizenship, is to give it up. 
  • Renunciation is the act of (1) stating that you would like to give up citizenship and (2) stating this with the intent of giving it up, (3) in front of a consular or diplomatic officer at a US consulate or embassy.

The Procedure

US citizens can relinquish US citizenship after completing several forms and paying a fee of $2,350, or its equivalent in GB pounds. In general, in order to give up American citizenship, one downloads forms in advance from the US Embassy in London American Citizen Services (ACS) webpages, completes them and then schedules an interview appointment at ACS so that the consular officer can witness the signing of some of the forms. The consulate will make sure that the applicant understand that the execution of the forms initiates a process that is irrevocable.

Attorney Consultation before Renouncing Citizenship 

Before taking on the process to request a loss of citizenship, consider seeing a US immigration attorney to learn about what it will be like to be a foreign national visiting the United States, among other concerns. After renouncing, former US citizens may need a visa to visit the United States to see relatives, to work, and to invest in new businesses.

Appeal or Reconsideration of Renunciation

If you feel that you have given up US citizenship against your will or under duress, there are procedures to ask for reconsideration or appeal of your loss of citizenship. An attorney consultation can be arranged to discuss whether your loss of citizenship occurred before 1980 because of taking on dual citizenship and other factors. You may also have other evidence of involuntary relinquishment of US citizenship.

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