Visas to Work in the U.S.

UK Business Expansion into the US – US Visas for UK Workers

UK business employers interested in expanding their businesses to the US and sending staff to the United States have the following key visa options.  They can also review the investment based choices chart.

Primary Visa Categories:

  • E2: visas for company founders, company essential employees and their spouses and children
  • E1: visas for those already engaged in international trade or provision of services to US counterparts
  • L1: visas for intra-company transferees where an E visa would not fit (somewhat longer process to E visas)
  • O1:  visas based on extra-ordinary ability (not as unusual as it sounds).  These can be used for business persons, as well as those without higher education, but who have sustained acclaim in their field, as evidenced, for example by:
    •  1/ press – articles about their accomplishments in the media
    • 2/ work for prestigious employers for long periods of time – evidenced by recommendation letters
    • 3/ original contributions to their field that are widely implemented by others – evidenced by recommendation letters and press
    • 4/ high remuneration

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