Written by Sofia van Mierlo, Work Experience Intern

Per the 26 June 2018 US Supreme Court decision in Trump v. Hawaii, U.S. President Trump’s Presidential Proclamation 9645 from 24 September 2017 banning travel to the United States from several countries will stand.  The relevant countries are Libya, North Korea, Iran, Yemen, Venezuela, and Somalia.  Nationals of these countries are not accepted for most visa applications or entry to the United States, with the exception of Iranian students (F and M) and exchange visitors (J).  Iraqi citizens who wish to enter the US must undergo extensive examination at the US consular post.  Chad, included in the original proclamation, has been deleted from the list in a later proclamation dated 10 April 2018.  For details on the effect of the travel restrictions, there is a chart on the Department of State website.

British dual nationals with these countries’ nationalities can still apply for US visas and enter the US as before.  They fall under a large exception for dual nationals that travel under an issued passport by a non-listed country.

In rare cases, foreign nationals may be granted waivers to excuse immigration violations should they prove applicable.  If you are a national of one of the above listed countries and feel that you may qualify for a waiver or have other questions, please contact a US immigration and visa attorney.